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Board Members

2022-2023 Executive Board

2022-07-17 13.22.19.jpg

Sam Turner (Artistic Director) 

Sam Turner is thrilled to be Artistic Director of Ghostlight! She has been involved with the organization since her freshman year and has previously held the positions of PR Manager and Director of Communications. Sam loves this group and can't wait to see what we do this year! If she's not in Isom, she can be found watching RuPaul's Drag Race, trying to pet a stray cat, or napping.

2022-07-20 13.54.22.jpg

Morgan Yhap (Executive Director) 

Morgan Yhap is a senior in the BFA Acting for Stage & Screen Program. She has been an active member of Ghostlight Rep since her freshman year and has been in shows such as Trail to Oregon and The Ashen Crown. She is so honored and excited to be serving as Executive Director this year!

2022-07-19 21.41.05.jpg

Katherine Clark (Director of Operations)

Katherine Clark is a senior pursuing a BA in Elementary Education. This is her second year on Ghostlight Board, and she could not be happier about being Director of Operations! When she is not stage managing or participating in a show, you can find her watching The Great British Baking Show or listening to Taylor Swift. 

2022-07-25 00.50.50.jpg

Kayla Jacobs (Director of Production)

Kayla Jacobs is a sophomore in the Design & Theatre Production BFA Program. Since freshman year Kayla has been an active participant in Ghostlight - most recently having worked on The Ashen Crown and Trail to Oregon. Kayla is excited to serve as Director of Production for the 2022-2023 season!

2022-10-08 09.37.50.jpg

Kaitlyn Clayton (Director of Finance)

Kaitlyn Clayton is Ghostlight's Director of Finance! She is a junior in the BFA Acting for Stage & Screen program. Kaitlyn has been heavily involved in Ghostlight since her freshman year. She is very passionate about this organization, and is ecstatic to be serving on the board. If she isn't answering emails, it is because she is either watching Vampire Diaries with her super cool roommate (and Ghostlight Director) LilaGrace Lara, or reading Spider-Man comics.

2022-10-09 10.32.11.jpg

Kaylee Williams (Director of Special Events)

Kaylee Williams is a junior in the Acting for Stage & Screen program! This is her first year on the Ghostlight Board and she is so excited to to take on the responsibilities of Director of Special Events! Kaylee can usually be found snacking somewhere in Isom between her classes and rehearsals!


Caiden Craddock (Director of Communications)

Caiden Craddock is a junior in the BFA Acting for Stage & Screen program, and she cannot wait to kick off the 2022-2023 season! As Director of Communications she plans on keeping the Ghostlight Community up-to-date with all show and event info! She can usually be found crocheting in Isom or buying energy drinks at the POD Market.

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