2020-2021 Executive Board

Catherine Long (Artistic Director) 

Catherine Long is a senior pursuing a BFA in Acting for the Stage and Screen. This is her third year on Ghostlight Board and she is super excited to be the 2020-2021 Artistic Director! Catherine is most famously known for being Joe Turner Cantu’s TA and for her Animal Crossing town, Luna.

Gianna Schuetz (Executive Director) 

Gianna Schuetz is a Senior pursuing a dual degree in Managerial Finance and Theatre Arts. This is her third year on the board and she stands that Ghostlight is the most meaningful experience she has had in college. When not camped out in the theatre, you can find Gianna sending emails or on an elevated surface.

Claire Porter (Director of Production)

Claire is a junior in the BFA Acting for the Stage & Screen program! She is so excited to be serving her second year as Director of Production! You can find her always staying busy, petting the nearest dog, or sleeping.

Keeton Landfair (Director of Finance)

Keeton is a senior pursuing a BFA in Acting for the Stage & Screen. This is his first year on the Ghostlight Board and he is thrilled to be apart of a great team. He can be be found listening to Sondheim or playing Animal Crossing.

Emily Arthur (Director of Communications)

Emily is a junior pursuing a BA in Theatre Arts. This is her first year serving on Ghostlight Board. She also serves as First Vice President of Alpha Psi Omega and President of the Hot Couch Board. You can usually find her right outside Jordan's office in Isom- probably making a social media account or editing a video for a made-up cause she cares too deeply about. 

Erin Stanphill (Director of Special Events)

Erin Stanphill is a junior pursuing a BFA in Acting for the Stage & Screen. This is her first year to serve on the Ghostlight board but she's full of ideas! Erin is very excited to create events that help people grow as artists- but most importantly, stay sane as a students. If Erin's not in Isom, she's more than likely in the Turner Center getting the gains or singing on the roof- don't text.